What does Kula mean?!

Kula is a Sanskrit word that can be translated  as “community” “clan” or “tribe.” This word is sometimes used by the  yoga community to describe the sense of inclusion and belonging that can  be cultivated through yogis coming together to practice yoga.

This Kula, or community, of yogis is  considered sacred because it is a group of people who come together  freely, with intention and a shared sense of purpose. In this way, the  traditional idea of yoga as a personal and individual practice can be  expanded to include more social aspects and experiences of connection  with others as well as the self.

Kula may also be translated to mean “community  of the heart.” This implies that the community of people have shared  values, and a shared sense of valuing and connecting with each other.  These people, in a sense, hold space for each other. Many yogic  communities will strive to create this.

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